Tangem is trusted by the leaders in the crypto
industry worldwide to bring the simple security
to crypto users today
Tangem builds trust between consumers and brands with new product authentication Tags. They’re a miniaturized version of the credential wallet with the same level of security. Tangem Tags construct a direct link between a physical product and an immutable record in a blockchain that provides a proof of authenticity to the customer. It can also connect a physical piece of artwork with NFT platforms by serving as a wallet for NFT tokens.
New Balance trusted Tangem to provide authentication for their OMN1S shoe. With their purchase, customers receive a New Balance Realchain card with our embedded identity and security chip.

Learn more about pilot sales achieved 25%+ card usage conversion and see how it works.

Direct acceptance of digital assets with Visa

Tangem has pioneered the first ever two-in-one hardware wallet and Visa debit card. Users can pay directly with digital assets using their personal Tangem wallet in 50+ million Visa locations worldwide, without custodians or intermediaries. Tangem supports both card-present and card-not-present transactions.

Tangem Visa wallet is designed for issuing banks and card program managers who seek to offer new products and services to neo-banks and asset tokenizers or have capabilities of retail distribution of prepaid Visa cards.

First 100,000 Tangem Visa cards have been pre-ordered by an issuing bank in the USA. European Visa office supports this project and explores opportunities of scaling it up to usage with national CBDCs.

Leading market players rely on our technology: Cardano, Stellar, XUMM.

Add a Tangem card & Sign with a Tangem card

This video shows you how to add your Tangem card to XUMM, and how to sign transactions with XUMM & your Tangem card

Tangem XRP Cards 

Tangem XRP Cards 

Tangem Card - NFC Card that Holds Your Keys - Demo and Explanation - XUMM App Tangem Card keeps your wallet keys and is required to use the wallet on your phone via NFC Tag integration.

Tangem sells our cards physically in stores in Switzerland with our partner Start2Coin.

Consumer purchasing bitcoin with Start2Coin can at any time check and transfer their bitcoin using both the Tangem mobile application and the Start2Coin card. The Start2Coin card is actually the access key of your bitcoin and must not be lost.
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