Tangem offers you complete security and ownership of your private keys in the most simple way

"Any crypto wallet that won’t give you your private
keys should be avoided at all costs"

Elon Musk

Tangem Wallet

Protect your crypto with our simply secure
hardware wallet

600+ currencies on 13 blockchains simultaneously
100+ dApps accessible
Card Backup available
Access protection installed

Tangem Notes

Your crypto cash for 6 major currencies

Your First Hardware Wallet
Hand your Crypto like Cash
Perfect gift that grows

Tangem Twin

Where 2 card meet 1 wallet

A Perfect Bitcoin Hardware Wallet
Smart backup with 2nd card
Ideal sharing and gifting

Why Tangem is the best for you

Simplicity by design

  • No need for batteries, wires, or PC - your smartphone is all you need
  • Buy, sell and transfer your crypto in a few taps using powerful Tangem app
  • The power of a computer in a size that fits your card holder

The ultimate security

  • Tangem Wallet generates a unique private key using true random number generator 
  • The private key is never disclosed anywhere
  • The highest certification level among hardware wallets – EAL6+ by Common Criteria
  • The firmware audited by the top audit security firm - Kudelski Security

Top reliability

  • The card can perform an infinite number of transaction for you
  • The card is durable enough to perform from -35C/-31F to +85C/+185F
  • The only hardware wallet with the highest possible rate of protection against environmental conditions.  
  • The IP68 rating makes this card virtually indestructible in the face of water and dust.
    You can even put it in the snow
  • Tangem products never require any personal data to work
  • No institution, not even Tangem, can limit you during your moves
  • Tangem card architecture keeps your keys offline and secure 
  • We never track your transactions/operations in blockchain

What experts & customers say

  • Miguel V. (Michoacán, Mexico)

    Tangem cards are amazing

    I just received my bundle and the experience of holding and transacting my crypto is great. Your private key can't be extracted so it's very secure. You can also use Tangem cards for holding pocket money and OTC transactions.
  • Sorrell Holdings LLC (Chicago, USA)

    I want to become a licensed reseller for Tangem

    The card works great! The UI/UX is simple, beautiful and easy to use. Shipping to Chicago, IL was quick and the packaging is "green" & sustainable. I think it's the perfect product to market to my business clients and their associates, and I want to share my business plan with you! Please contact me with the email that I have provided. I am excited to get in touch with you.
  • Alberto V. (California, USA)

    Discrete, unobtrusive vault for my crypto!!

    Very convenient & simple to use, store & carry! Makes my Ledger Nano seem like a convoluted relic from past. Easier to introduce my kids to learn & save crypto.
  • Michael M. (Arizona, USA)

    Great Product. Fast Shipping.

    App and transactions work great!
  • Eslam (Istanbul, Turkey)

    Great customer support

    A clean design and a great customer support.
  • Lucas (Singapore)

    Tangem Twin Card

    If you are a Bitcoin hodler, you will have to get one of this and use it yourselves. It will blow your mind and amaze you.
  • Coin Collector (Hesse, Germany)

    Great shop - highly recommended!

    My purchase was processed and shipped quickly. Different payment methods are also available. It was not my first and certainly not my last order!
  • David P. (Stockholm, Sweden)

    Love the app

    The easiest onboarding ever. I don't need to write and remember recovery phrase anymore.


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